The Vintage Viper, also known as the Viper WWII, was a military aircraft used for atmospheric flight on Caprica, predating the Air Force Viper used by the Caprican Military, as well as those used by the Colonial Fleet in the first and second Cylon engagements.

In operation some time prior to the introduction of a later jet engine-propelled Viper, the "vintage" Viper was a single-pilot, fixed-wing propeller aircraft. It was distinguished by twin aft propellers, a camouflage paint scheme that featured a shark face at the nose. Despite no longer being in service in the year 42, a painting of these Vipers in flight hangs in the executive boardroom of Graystone Industries in Caprica City, Caprica.

In the virtual world, these vintage Vipers are still in operation, launched from the Dreadnaught to strafe the streets of New Cap City, derezzing users at random.[1]