The Strato-Sled is a transportation and combat vehicle used on Mars in the Flash Gordon universe.


Fictional universeEdit

Staro Sled formation

Strato Sled Formation[2]

During a trip to Mars to investigate an energy beam which is disrupting Earth's atmosphere, Dale Arden steals a Strato-Sled, and uses it to bomb some Forest People who are about to overwhelm Flash Gordon and Dr Zarkhov.

Real WorldEdit

Resembling a flying flat-iron, the design is decidedly toy-like in appearance and, although clearly a Deco-era design, it lacks the elegance and detail of the original rocket ships.

A 1/144 scale resin kit of the Strato-Sled was released by Herb Deeks Models in 2003.[1]

The sled could be considered to be on a par with the Hawkman Rocket Cycle used by Flash in the 1980 film.



  1. Dimensions calculated by scaling up the figures listed on the original box art.[1]


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