The Red Arrow is a USAF hypersonic fighter plane


The aircraft is launched by a variable pitch launch ramp and powered by twin rockets, and can reach of speeds in excess of 4,000 mph. According to General Bron, head of development for the Foreign Fighter Jet project, the Red Arrow is capable of defeating any other jet fighter in the world because of its sheer speed.


The Red Arrow was to become the world's most powerful jet fighter. Under the orders of General Bron, The Hood used a homing device to make Red Arrow 1 go completely off course and crash into a nearby hangar, killing the pilot, Race. However, Brains assembled a device for the Red Arrow that could tell if the aircraft was being pulled off course. This device proved very useful when The Hood sabotaged Red Arrow 2 and made it crash into a telecommunications tower. Fortunately, Goddard, the pilot of Red Arrow 2, managed to eject before the crash.


The Red Arrow model is a SAAB Draken kit fitted with B-58 style engine pods.