This page lists the various types of flying machines that do not meet the criteria for inclusion in this wiki. I will list examples under the appropriate heading.

Prohibition categoriesEdit


This means any machine designed to travel through space, for example:

  • Shuttlecraft from any sci-fi films/tv shows
  • Space fighters (These can be found on the Snubfighter Wiki)[N 1]
  • X-71 Shuttle (Armageddon).
  • Demeter City Police Department Squad Vehicles {Space Precinct)


This covers atmospheric machines with some capability for space travel, for example:

  • X-302/F-302 (Stargate Franchise).
  • Incom T-16 Skyhopper (Star Wars).

Flying carsEdit

Basically any land vehicle designed or modified with flight capability, for example:

  • Hover mode Delorean Time Machine (Back to the Future trilogy).
  • Supercar.
  • Mac's car (Joe 90).

Real world aircraft with fictional designationsEdit

  • 'MiG 28' (F-5 - Top Gun).
  • 'Oscar EW 5894 Phallus' Tactical Fighter Bomber (Folland Gnat[N 2] - Hot Shots!)

Real world aircraft with forged designationsEdit

This refers to real aircraft that use the name/designation of another - usually completely different - aircraft for their film/TV appearance, for example:

  • 'Me 263' (actually a Scaled Composites ARES - Aces: Iron Eagle III).

Flying machines that only appear in other mediaEdit

This category is for machines that only appear in reference material and books (including comics and graphic novels).[N 3]

  • Talon 1 Combat cloud car (Star Wars Expanded Universe)
  • XF-34 Dreamstar (Day of the Cheetah).
  • A.I. Flying Boat Bomber (Freedom Wings NDS game)

Rejected designsEdit

This covers designs that were developed for a film/TV show/video game, but not included in the final version, for example:

  • He 155 V3 (intended for the island sequence in Raiders of the Lost Ark).



  1. One exception is the open cockpit Death Glider variant, the Udajeet.
  2. One example in the carrier deck scenes is actually a single seat example, built under licence in India as the HF-24 Ajeet.
  3. Items in this category may become suitable for inclusion, if the source material is adapted into a film/TV drama series/video game, and then only if the design is not represented by a real world aircraft.