The Medea Transport Plane is a cargo aircraft utilized by Earth Federation Forces.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Medea Transport Plane possess greater speed and operating range than the Gunperry Transport Plane. Originally used to carry supplies and vital cargo the Medea transport plane would soon be converted to be able to carry a team of three mobile suits. These mobile suits could be carried simply from one Earth Federation base to another, to supply the front-lines of the war, or the mobile suits could be dropped from the plane into hot-spots of conflict, landing safely via parachutes and thrusters.

To defend itself the Medea transport plane has a pair of 2-barrel anti-air machine guns. Though these weapons provide some measure of protection, their usefulness against the agile Dopp Fighter or the heavy armor of a mobile suit will be minimal to non-existent, making it dangerous for the Medea to traverse through areas of conflict without an escort.


The Medea Transport Plane was used by the Earth Federation throughout the One Year War and for many years beyond. During the war these were used to carry supplies and eventually mobile suits to where ever the Earth Federation needed them to go, making the Medea a vital resource to their war effort.

During the War the Medea supply corps was headed by Lieutenant Matilda Ajan, a highly talented, brave, and beautiful women who had a knack for being in the right place at the right time and often served as an envoy for General Revil. Matilda Ajan often piloted a Medea herself and usually was the one to bring supplies to White Base. She would lead the Medea supply corps during many important moments in the One Year War, such as Operation Odessa. It was during Operation Odessa that Matilda Ajan lost her life trying to protect White Base from the Black Tri-Stars by ramming her Medea into one of the MS-09B Dom mobile suits. However the thick armor allowed the Dom to survive and it countered the ramming by smashing the cockpit and killing Matilda.

By U.C. 0083 (2127 AD), a new variant of the Medea was in use, the C-88 Medea which had greater speed and was more aerodynamic but lacked VTOL capability and had no armaments.

By U.C. 0087 (2131 AD), though the Medea was still in use to transport supplies it had been supplemented as a mobile suit transport by the larger Garuda Class MS Transport Plane.