The Jet Viper is a fighter aircraft used on the Planet Caprica before the First Cylon War.[N 1]


The Jet Viper was a direct development from the earlier Vintage Viper[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

After the success of its reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" series (October 2004 - March 2009), the SyFy network decided to attempt a "prequel" series that would follow the rise of the Cylons prior to the first Cylon War. Called "Caprica," this new series blended sci-fi with family soap opera in a world set 58 years prior to the events depicted in BSG.

Because the series was primarily earthbound -- or, rather, Caprica-bound -- spacecraft were few and far between. However, audiences were given a glimpse of some high-tech hardware that presaged the classic vehicles of the BSG era. One of these was the "Viper" jet fighter, a wholly atmospheric aircraft with swept-forward wings and the long nose that would be retained once Vipers became spaceworthy.

A 1/72 scale 38 piece resin model of the Jet Viper was produced in 2013 by Anigrand Craftswork, with decals by JBOT.[3]



  1. This is an atmosphere only flying machine, and therefore does not violate inclusion prohibition #1 (The full list can be found on the Prohibited Inclusions Page).


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