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The Gosis Jet Fighter is a single seat jet powered biplane fighter in service to Gosis' faction on the unnamed planet of the so-called "Gosis' species", featured in the



These fighters are primarily used against a faction called the Alliance. [1]

The fighter is equipped with at least two particle weapons mounted in the extreme nose. Propulsion is provided by a pair of jet engines mounted above the roots of the upper wings, directly behind the single cockpit.

Real WorldEdit



John Eaves laid out this design as an extrapolation of a German Messerschmitt Me 262 aircraft. Enterprise episode #34 ('The Communicator') called for an alien race that had flying technologies that were fairly primitive compared to Starfleet, but pretty advanced from a general aviation point of view.

The director was a fan of German jets from WWII and we all knew which little jet had to provide the inspiration. The ME 262 was one Germany’s most feared inventions, while the rest of the world were flying prop jobs, Hitlers engineers upped their efforts and started to make rockets and jets. Despite the advancements it always depended on the pilot and not the aircraft when it came to who would win in a dog fight and many of these technologically advanced beauties were shot done by your average old Propeller driven airplane. In designing this new type of alien aircraft, the Me 262 was combined with an even earlier style of plane, the biplane, all this was thrown in the mixing bowl with a sprinkle of sci-fi, and after it baked a while, this new little vehicle was ready to go. All together there were 4 or 5 concepts pitched for this plane and this one is the final approved piece. Some of the drawings and a frame of the CG model were created by Pierre (Drolet) from Eden FX.John Eaves[6]

An example of the fighter is among the exhibits of Area 5100 on Pierre Drolet's Sci-Fi Museum website. The fighter is depicted sitting directly in front of Enterprise NX-01, in the first three images in the Star Trek World attack ships section of the Sci fi gallery.[N 2]


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  2. The fighter is identified in the images with the name Barkeep.[7]


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