The Foreign Fighter Jet was a planned competitor to the Red Arrow.

Behind the scenesEdit

The actual studio miniature was made as follows:

  • F-104 fuselage with wings and stabilizer fins removed.
  • New vertical stabilizer made from a B-58 "Hustler" kit's vertical stabilizer.
  • New ventral stabilizers fabricated or adapted from unknown kit parts.
  • New wings fabricated or adapted from unknown kit parts.
  • New underwing missile pods fabricated out of wood or plastic.

This model may or may not have utilized a delta wing. No plan view appears on TV. All I can say for sure about it is that the wing is highly swept back. The blue stars on the model's rudder appear to have come from a USAF "Thunderbirds" flight demonstration team aircraft kit's decal sheet. The rectangular national emblem on the side of this model appears to have utilized the yellow and black tail boom decal from the Hawk Kaman "Huskie" helicopter kit.[1]