The EDI UCAV is an experimental US Navy carrier based fighter.

Fictional Details[edit | edit source]

The EDI UCAV (Extreme Deep Invader Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) is a joint program in relation to the F/A-37 Talon. The UCAV EDI (call sign "Tinman") is smaller than the Talon and has a downward-canted delta platform. Despite its designation as a UCAV, it retains a cockpit for maintenance and emergencies. Among the new features are V/STOL capability, a Kermit (metal ceramic) composite exoskeleton, and aeroelastic wings. The engine is described as a Pulse Detonation Engine with twin Hybrid Scramjet Turbos fueled by catalyzed A1 methane. Being unmanned, EDI has shown to disregard G-forces and perform a complete sharp angle, high speed turn. It carries 2 Throat Ripper AAMs, 2 Shock Hammer AGMs, 3 AGM-130s, known as Blue Ferrets, and 2 GAU-12 Equalizers. It is stated that with that load out EDI could kill 150,000 people or more if it attacks a city. EDI also carries 3 FAE, or fuel air explosives, missiles, though the designation of those missiles, and/or their power is unknown.

EDI's computer is more powerful than a standard Talon's at 10 tera-bits/second. It also has an Artificial Intelligence system with Quantum processing achieved by a neural net. EDI Uses a UNIX-Based Computing. In the scene 23 of the film, it is seen that Dr. Orbit uses the command "su", and the terminal root user is "root@edicom". EDI's artificial intelligence goes even further by allowing it to speak freely without being influenced by a human controller. EDI is capable of identifying a target 5 miles (8.0 km) away or by using a satellite uplink. EDI can identify a human target by fingerprints, voice analysis, retina scan, or by face recognition. The most striking feature of the A.I. was its ability to learn at an exponential rate, and its ability to develop emotional feelings (this was not part of its original design, and developed after a lightning strike).[2]

Real World[edit | edit source]

Like the F/A-37 Talon, the EDI UCAV was featured in the film Stealth. The voice of the EDI UCAV was provided by Wentworth Miller.[3]

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