The Dragonfly is a vehicle used to carry messages and orders.

Technology CharacteristicsEdit

Due to the Minovsky scattering system rendering communications and sensor equipment unreliable, the Earth Federation Forces turned to using some older means of communication and reconnaissance in order to maintain communication lines with their forces on Earth.


The Dragonfly, a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) type aircraft, was developed by the Earth Federation Forces as a reliable means of communication. The pilot of the aircraft would personally carry messages and orders to other command stations or officers. Because of the short take off distance needed by the Dragon Fly, it was able to be used in a number of places where longer runways were not available, including the deck of a Big Tray land battleship. A Dragonfly is used by Zeon double agent Judock as he ferries back and forth between Zeon and the Federation, where he poses as an assistant to the traitorous General Elran.


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