The C-88 Medea is an improved variant of the Medea Transport Plane.

Technical and Historical NotesEdit

The C-88 Medea is a variant of the standard Medea cargo plane with a redesigned fuselage and cargo section, along with more powerful jet engines. The C-88 has a slightly smaller cargo capacity than the standard Medea; however it has the added benefit of a more aerodynamic shape and additional speed, although it comes at the cost of the defensive armament and VTOL capability.



The C-88s were generally used to transport important personnel and equipment in secured airspace, and several are present at the Federation Forces Arctic base when it is attacked by the Zeon's special forces Cyclops Team in late U.C. 0079. One unit was also operated by the penal battalion Slave Wraith, and painted in their team custom colors. The C-88s remain in service after the end of the One Year War, and in U.C. 0083 several are used to transport pilots and mobile suits to the Torrington Base after Anavel Gato's theft of the prototype RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis".[1]

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