The Angel Interceptor is the main fighter used by Spectrum.
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The aircraft itself is actually based on the World Army Air Force "Viper" jets of 2065. These single seater Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)/Very-Short Take-Off and Landing (VSTOL) jet-fighter combat craft have a flight ceiling of 40,000 feet (height of Cloudbase), with yellow safety belt harness, constructed at International engineering (main fuselage), the Fairfax Engine Company (for engines) and various other locations. The Angel's jets are powered by a special form of fuel from the ultra-sonic refinery at Bensheba, with a 500+ gallons fuel capacity and 51.35 MPG, with the electronics powered by back-up batteries. The main body's made from hardened Fleetonium alloy, with a cockpit made from transparent Cahelium extract alloy and are white in colouration. Angel Interceptors also have red smoke signal ejectors, high-powered smoke radar and parachute ejector seats. The flight helmets for the angel's Interceptor jets are made of some unknown clear material (possibly Cahelium) and are fitted with internal communications gear, with a microphone on the right-side of the face.[2]

The Angel Interceptors have their own entire team of mechanics, working on permanent regular shifts, while another team takes care of the rest of Cloudbase flight (SPJ, Magnacopter, helicopters).

Angel shaft 2

Interceptors preparing to launch.[3]

The Angel Interceptors use a seemingly dangerous landing manoeuvre, which is in fact safer (given a very high degree of piloting skill) than trying to put down a (supersonic 3,000 mph) fighter on a short flight deck. It involves putting the aircraft in a stall, close to a huge flap attached to the upper deck of Cloudbase. This reduces flying speed, but momentum still carries the aircraft forward in a tail-down position till it contacts the flap, whereupon clamps engage and the flap is lowered to the horizontal position. This manoeuvre has to be performed with only 1 ft tolerance each way, so great skill is called for.[3]


At least one Angel interceptor model was rebuilt as the MiG 242 seen in the pilot episode of Joe 90.


  1. This weapon fires heat seeker and armour-piercing shells.
  2. In the episode Seek and Destroy, Captain Black engineers the destruction of three newly-built Angel aircraft - Mysteronised, the Interceptors are set to target Destiny.[1]
  3. Original Captain Scarlet series only. In The New Captain Scarlet series, the duties of the Angel Interceptor are performed using the White Falcon Interceptor.


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