Amongst Spectrum's fleet of various craft, the Albatross is unique. Skybase carries two of these massive VTOL Deployment Aircraft, which are used to carry vehicles - mainly a Rhino - anywhere it is needed around the world. It can carry the most heavy weight, putting it down or pick it up on any ground, and in almost any conditions.

The deployment system of the Albatross is unique. The cargo doors under the belly of the craft open, and unfold to form the landing feet. Then, the vehicle it carries is lowered by a lift from the Albatross's cargo, just at its finishes its landing procedure and approach. The Rhino can be deployed at the same second the Albatross makes its landing, and once it is out, the craft can take off immediately.

This 'drop-and-go' deployment, helped by the SlyFOXX anti-detection shielding with which the Albatross is equipped, makes the Aircraft perfect for covert operations. However, due to its massiveness, it could attract visual attention, and therefore, the sturdy craft has been equipped with anti-missile Acoustic Disruptors - which makes it a hard target to hit, despite his size.

While so massive, the Albatross nevertheless has remarkable swiftness in flight. Powerful pivoting twin multi-directional XBurn engines, set on each side of the craft, give it lifting capability, maneuverabilty, and in-flight velocity, even with carrying the heaviest of load.

Also unique is the launching method with which the Albatross is launched from Skybase. Set in its hanger over an airlock, the Albatross is held in place by clamps attached to its nose. During launch sequence, the airlock doors open, and the pilot powers up the thrusters. Once ready for launched, the pilot releases the clamps, and the Albatross drops from underneath the belly of Skybase, several meters before the thrust of the engines stops its fall and finally leaves base to carry on its mission.